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Tightloops offer Casting & Fly Fishing Lessons in the Hampshire rivers, catering for all levels from fly fishing beginners, experienced fly fishers wishing to improve their skills, or advanced fly fishermen who want to learn specialised fly fishing casts or qualify as a fly fishing instructor themselves.

Lessons & Courses Offered:

  • Casting Tuition -
    Casting lessons can be arranged for either stillwaters or rivers, although for salmon casting, a river would be preferred.


  • Fly Fishing Courses -
    Bespoke fly fishing courses are offered for individuals or groups, tailored to your exact requirements.


  • Fly Fishing Lessons for Women -
    Women's Fly Fishing Clubs are springing up in parts of the country and casting is now being specifically promoted to women for it's health benefits.


  • Fly Fishing Lessons for Children -
    Children are keen to try new experiences and fly fishing is a hobby that will give them pleasure for their entire lives.

An introduction to Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing is a relaxing, gracious and absorbing hobby for all. With a little fly fishing tuition and guidance, the technical side is explained, the essential fly fishing casts quickly taught, entomology easily understood, and confidence as a fly fisher rapidly installed!

The heart and soul of fly fishing is in:

  • The rhythm of the casts
  • The beauty of the scenery
  • The science of the entomology
  • The intricacy and skill of fly tying
  • The understanding of watercraft and trout behaviour

The real beauty is that you don't need to be an expert in any of these areas to be successful at fly fishing!

You can develop at your own pace in each of the areas above, only being limited by your own choice of what you want to do, and this is where the advantage of fly fishing lessons becomes apparent. By taking a massive shortcut up the learning curve, you can become a competent fly fisher very quickly and develop your skills into the specific areas that interest you.

Fly fishing has several hobbies embedded within it, and by having fly fishing lessons, you can quickly find the areas that will intrigue and enthrall you making this amazing hobby even more absorbing and fascinating.

Tightloops also offer Fly Fishing Gift Vouchers - the ideal gift for the aspiring fly fisherman in your life.

Please contact Darren for full details.

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