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I offer River Fly Fishing Tuition to help the still water angler bridge the gap required to fish effectively on a river. River fishing isn’t recommended for the complete beginner due to its increased complexity, and to an improving fisherman it’s still quite a challenge. Some of the skills are obvious such as fish spotting, some less so such as dealing with depth and flow, and some quite an unpleasant surprise to the still water angler such as angle changes when casting onto a moving body of water.

River fly fishing, especially on the world famous chalk streams of Hampshire, is for many fly fisherman the pinnacle of the sport.

The springs that feed the Hampshire rivers provide a constant source of water at a consistent 10 degrees, perfect for the fly life that thrives in the slightly alkaline environment leading to the hatches of mayfly and olives that these rivers are famous for, as well as their excellent populations of caddis, stoneflies and shrimp. All of this natural food provides an ample supply of nutrition for the resident trout and grayling that can quickly reach admirable size, resulting in perfect hard fighting trophy fish for many a fly fisherman.

During a day's River Fishing Lesson I will cover all of these skills:

  • Watercraft
  • Entomology
  • Presentation
  • Dealing with drag
  • Upstream casts
  • Presentation casts
  • Casting under bushes or in a tunnel of trees

It’s not until you spend a day on the river that you realise the variety of new skills that are required!

I have been guiding and offering tuition on the Hampshire chalk streams for over 10 years, and can offer tuition on the Lower Itchen River, in my opinion the best section of chalk stream fishing that is easily accessible to a beginner. This section offers a variety of water to learn on, and the fishery is open all year to offer grayling tuition in the winter, deep nymphing being a further challenge in itself!

River Tuition prices vary due to the variability of the cost of river fishing, but to simplify enquiries and to make booking easier the following fees apply:

  • One person - £300 for 1 day
  • Each additional person - £150 each for 1 day

Grayling fishing in the winter is cheaper due to the reduced fishery prices:

  • One person - £180 per day
  • Each additional person - £30 each for 1 day

Costs are much higher than still water tuition but this is due to the increased cost of accessing a world famous fishery.

With a highly experienced and qualified instructor such as myself with one to one tuition on such an excellent beat, my prices are extremely competitive.  

Please do not hesitate to contact Darren for further details.

NB. I can guide on other chalkstream beats such as the River Test, Dever, Don, Meon, Anton, but this is by special arrangement. Many beat owners prefer clients to use their own river keepers as part time guides.

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