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A large proportion of the fly fishing tuition that I give is to people preparing for fly fishing holidays, very often, the fly fishing holiday of a lifetime. Getting those casting skills pinned down or understanding new techniques beforehand can add greatly to your holiday and ensures you are getting the most of the fishing experience whilst you’re there.

If you need to know about amazing fly fishing holidays, then you need to speak to the experts who live and breathe this stuff, the ones who have been to each and every destination going, and the links below are the two firms I recommend.

I recommend them because I know them and have total confidence in their ability to help you decide on your perfect holiday and to then deliver on that promise. So, feel free to contact them and say I recommended them. I know they’ll do everything they can to help you choose your perfect holiday.

Sportquest Holidays
Sportquest are a long established and very successful sporting holiday firm that cover every type of fishing from trout fishing in Ireland to fishing for species you’ve never heard of in places you didn’t know existed. Their catalogue is something to behold in itself and every possible angle of your fishing holiday will be professionally planned to make sure your dream holiday is just that. Sportquest

Hosted Trips

For those unfamiliar with the concept of a hosted trip, the idea is simple. Rather than going on holiday with your family, you go with a group of other fisherman who you may or may not already know and you are accompanied by your ‘host’.

Your ‘host’ is there to make sure your trip runs as successfully as possible. They‘ll be an expert in their field and will be an experienced instructor and destination guide. So, it may be advising on the choice of cast in windy conditions, fly choice, leader set up, landing a fish, the host is there to make sure you get the best out of your holiday.

Hosted trips not only offer the best chance of a trouble free trip, but they also offer the advantage of being with a group of like minded people which makes the trip that much more enjoyable. It also means the destination is ‘block booked’, giving you unrivalled access and flexibility to the fishing that you wouldn’t normally be able to access. Also, the fact that you’re able to block book results in a group discount, so the price of a hosted trip with your additional instructor, is no more than if you went on your own!

So, as they’re so good I’m often asked, do I offer hosted trips?

The answer is, no, not at the moment I’m afraid! However, I do have a soft spot for big fin perfect silvery shiny fish in majestic scenery, Salmon and Steelhead in Iceland Norway and North America basically. So, if this is your thing, then please let me know, and if enough people show an interest, I’ll get the possibility of a hosted trip with myself researched and I’ll get back to you with dates prices etc.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information.

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