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Tightloops offer guided fly fishing access to some of the most famous and prestigious river beats in the country, from the famous River Test and River Itchen, to their tributaries and many other rivers across Hampshire and the south of England. As I enjoy guiding so much, I offer extremely competitive Guided Fly Fishing Rates so please get in touch for further details and availability.

Guiding Fly Fishing - £125 per day

Guiding quotes supplied are for 1 to 1 Guided Fly Fishing rather than group bookings which can be very misleading; how can you be guided if I'm off guiding someone else? However, I can supply guiding prices for established groups who already know each other and are happy to share my services. Costs do not include the actual cost of fishing.

  • River Test
  • River Itchen
  • River Dever
  • River Dun
  • River Anton
  • River Bourne
  • River Meon
  • River Lambourn
  • River Kennet
  • River Avon
  • River Wylye
  • River Nadder
  • River Ebble

Watercraft are the little skills, abilities and knowledge that taken together are the essence of a fisherman:

  • Spotting fish
  • Stalking fish
  • Understanding fish behaviour
  • Understanding how a river of stillwater behaves
  • The effect of weather
  • Entomology
  • Fly presentation
  • Normal to specialist casts
  • Tackle use
  • Most importantly, confidence you're doing it right!

Guided Fly Fishing is the short cut to all of these skills

Trying to learn fly fishing from a book is a very dry process and just doesn't impart the nuances required to be really successful. By having someone fishing next to you, observing your own behaviour, and offering advice as you progress, you can make a massive leap up the learning curve.

Sometimes it's just the confidence gained from knowing you're doing it right, to realising there's been a fundamental misunderstanding that's been holding you back, guided fishing is the quickest confidence and ability booster there is.

Guided fishing can be arranged at your normal fishery or can sometimes be arranged at a famous location to make it a special day.

Please do not hesitate to contact Darren for further details.

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