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The following shows a selection of comments from happy customers who have used Tightloops Fly Fishing Lessons in Hampshire:

"Having spent 25 years fly fishing on reservoirs and small still waters I couldn’t resist any longer the call to experience the tradition, mystery and challenges of a classic chalk stream. So in Spring 2014 I took the plunge, saved up the considerable day-rod fee and spent a day on a well known beat of the Test. I had read many magazine articles and watched countless YouTube clips on how to catch on such a river. I thought I was ready… turns out I was very wrong.

Fly Fishing Testimonial HampshireFaults in my casting were magnified. None of the flies recommended in the articles worked. I had no idea where the fish were. I simply didn’t know how to fish the river or conditions. A day on the Itchen in June 2015 with Darren as my guide and tutor was dramatically different… Darren’s amiable character and engaging style coupled with his wealth of practical and technical skill meant all questions were answered. He immediately identified the technical faults in my casting and provided practical corrections which meant we were able to very quickly turn our attention to the water craft. I learnt how to recognise likely fish holding features, how to cover the river more thoroughly and how to detect likely “takes”. Darren even managed to catch unharmed a Mayfly so we could take a closer look. The results of my day with Darren were an unforgettable days fishing, knowledge to use in the future and my first Grayling (along with 10+ more) not forgetting half a dozen of the most beautiful Brown Trout you have ever seen.

All in all, a VERY satisfied customer! Many thanks Darren!"

Chris K. - June 2015

"I had my first professional Fly Fishing lesson on Monday with Darren. After 25 years of muddling through with my casting I was feeling a little exposed on many fronts. After 5 minutes with Darren, I realised I had nothing to worry about. He put me at ease straight away and in a relaxed and friendly fashion managed to undo 25 years of bad habits formed by poor style born out of ignorance, making do, advice from “qualified” amateurs and those who knew no better. The end result - I can now do a perfect roll cast and an overhead cast. If that does not sound impressive to some of you, well think again. That overhead cast is now reaching an extra 5 yards beyond my old double-haul. Darren is not an instructor in my book, he’s a living legend! I urge you all, if you have never had a coaching session before, do it now. It’s not too late; after all, it only took an hour or so to undo 25 years of my mischief. But a word of warning. Try and choose an instructor based on personal recommendation from somebody you trust. Like all things in life, the good, the bad and the ugly are out there to either help you, scare you or just rip you off."

Gav (abridged text from a testimonial published on www.flyforums.co.uk)

"Had a brilliant day fly fishing in a superb location. Darren took me gradually through the stages of casting. He taught me many fishing techniques and use of equipment. Being a complete novice, I was very pleased at how much I had learnt in just one day with Darren. He is a fantastic teacher who is extremely skilled and knowledgeable, he is very patient and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to get private tuition." 


“Never having picked up a fly rod before, and being quite nervous about doing so, I was very quickly put at ease and thoroughly enjoyed my lessons.  The end result was that I caught my first trout and first bonefish on the fly this year – something I wouldn’t have done if I hadn’t taken the plunge and had lessons with Darren.” 


"Thank you for a fantastic day yesterday. I would never have believed how interesting, technical and thoroughly absorbing learning how to cast would be. To then cap the day with an afternoon of hectic sport was just brilliant, even though we both forgot how to cast in the heat of the battle. Thank you for your patience while trying to pass on some of your skill and knowledge, we both really appreciated it and would definitely recommend you to anyone."


"Just like to thank you for our day out yesterday, I thought the fly fishing lesson  was great and your instructions were clear and conducted both informatively and with humor so that duffers like me didn’t mind making mistakes. A very nice way to learn."


"I have been salmon fishing for four years now with varying levels of success. It was obvious to me that I needed a professional lesson or two to get my casting up to a good level and to gain a full understanding of what I was doing. My wife gave me a salmon fishing lesson last year for my birthday, that’s when I contacted Darren Lewis. He replied to my emails and calls promptly and made me feel like a valued customer. Darren arranged the water and he arrived promptly on the day. He made me feel at ease and ensured that I understood each part of the cast and what I was attempting to achieve. The main joy of the day was coming away from the water knowing that I had improved and without feeling knackered! The lesson with Darren was value for money and I will go back again should I need a polish! Next year for her birthday, I am going to give my daughter a one day trout fishing lesson with Darren. She has never fished before and I don’t think I could find a better instructor to get her started."


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